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Universolutions, LLC.


Universolutions, in collaboration with Prismo Systems Inc., introduces a unique, state of the art, advanced cyber security breach detection & response system called Prismo. More..

Deployed throughout all agencies, the U.S. Department of the Army selected the Contracting Officer Management Information System (KOMIS), created by Universolutions, to process warrants of contracting officers. More..

Universolutions has been awarded the Navy SeaPort-e contract for the period of 6/30/2016 to 4/4/2019. More..

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Universolutions is an innovative information technology focused company serving the niche market of the U.S. federal government and international organizations. The company has helped in business process re-engineering and automated several business processes to its clients.

Universolutions received seed funding under a Small Business Innovative award from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/Department of the Army for its white paper proposal to develop a Decision Support System for proposal evaluation. Currently, Universolutions has an enterprise wide web based proposal evaluation system called PREVAL. This system was developed based on Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Army Source Selection Guidelines. This system fully complies with federal government requirements.

With several years of experience and lessons learned from several federal government contracts, Universolutions has developed software to automate processes in the contracting arena to process warrants, FAC-Cs and FAC-CORs as well as track CLPs of contracting officers and contracting officer technical representatives and make them commercially available to federal government agencies. This system is called Contracting Officer Management Information System (KOMIS). This system fully complies with federal acquisition guidelines and FISMA/NIST IT security requirements.

Our service and products are available through a GSA Schedule contract vehicle.