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Universolutions received a small business innovative award for our proposal evaluation system. Our warrant management system has helped in increasing efficiency and creating a paperless environment to our clients.

We consider ourselves successful only when our client is 100% satisfied with our performance.

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PRISMO (Prismo Systems)

Universolutions, in collaboration with Prismo Systems Inc., introduces a unique, state of the art, advanced cyber security breach detection & response system called Prismo.

Every Enterprise has been hacked and will be hacked again. Perimeter breaches will continue to increase in our borderless digital era as the workforce is liquid and applications are distributed and meshed across multiple clouds. Enterprises need to detect and remediate perimeter incursions before a data breach or a denial-of-service attack like ransomware. 

Today's detection and remediation process relies excessively on human security experts making it expensive, slow to react and error-prone. To solve this problem, Prismo has built the first integrated Breach Detection and Response system (SOC-OS) with a ground-breaking architecture which delivers zero false positives and zero data breaches.